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Since 2008, Lane County has maintained roadways mechanically without the use of chemicals that may harm the health of people and wildlife. Some problem areas were identified and a task force recommended allowing limited use of roadside spray.  Recently the county announced that it would resume roadside spray along 400 miles of guardrails. They did not respond to requests for information about how they identified or prioritized areas in need of spray despite the fact that the task force clearly stated “All decision making and process development will be transparent to the public and guided by human and environmental health considerations.”

Further, a public works representative agreed with concerns about toxic run-off during the rainy season and indicated they would not spray at this time.  Yet, road signs indicate that the herbicide application will proceed NOW.

Please contact the county administrator and ask that they stop the herbicide spray plan immediately until a public hearing can be arranged. We need more information and a chance for public input.

Steve Mokrohisky, County Administrator

Phone (541) 682-4203

If you own property along a county road, you can register with the no-spray area program:

The contact person for the vegetation management program is Pamela Reber, Natural Resource Specialist (541) 682-8521,

Lane County Audubon Society  provides information to help community members provide comments to policy makers to help conserve and protect wildlife and their habitat.

If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact Debbie: