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Lights Out Eugene 2023Lights Out programs help reduce the impacts of light pollution on birds, insects, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, plants, and humans. They also save energy and money, reduce our carbon emissions and preserve our view of the night sky. Please sign the Pledge!


For more information and resources about the Lights Out Campaign click here.

As a Eugene resident, business, property owner or manager, I pledge to minimize all non-essential lights and make seasonal lighting changes from 10pm to 6am during peak spring bird migration April through June and fall migration September through October. Specific actions I will take include:

  –Turn off unnecessary and decorative lighting.

  –Make sure that outside lights are aimed down and are well-shielded.

  –Install motion sensors so that lights are only on when needed.

  –Choose warm bulbs (under 3,000 Kelvins, closer to 2000 is better) with negligible blue light.

  –During migration seasons, draw blinds or curtains to reduce light spill.

  –Reduce lobby and atrium lighting, where possible. Turn off rooftop lighting and exterior architectural lighting not used for security.

  –Turn off lights before leaving the home or office.

Please note that your address will be used only for the purposes of mailing you a window cling decal. It will never be released to other entities.

Businesses and property owners/managers: please indicate if you would like to be listed on our “Participating Business” page which will be updated periodically.

Click here for resources on the Lights Out Eugene page.

By Taking the Pledge for sensible lighting, you can help make our region safer and healthier for wildlife and humans alike, and help raise awareness about the growing impact that light pollution has on the world around us. Pledge participants will receive a window cling decal to help spread the word and to show your commitment to saving birds and saving energy.  No personal information will be shared. Please put “Lights Out Pledge” in subject line and your mailing address in the message.

Businesses and property owners/ managers: please indicate if you would like to be listed on our “Participating Business” page which will be updated periodically.