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These Volunteer Positions are currently filled

  • Audubon Adventures (Cecelia Hagen)
  • Audubon in the Schools (Barb Pope and AITS Team)
  • Audubon Phone (Dick Lamster, Maeve Sowles)
  • Bike Path Cleanup (Katy Vizdal)
  • Bird Walk Leaders (Various)
  • 1st Sat Bird Walks Leaders (Sarah Merkel and Nic)
  • Bookkeeper (Barbara Theus)
  • Booth Coordinator (Ron Renchler)
  • Booth Staffers (Various)
  • Christmas Bird Count (Dick Lamster)
  • Conservation Chair (Debbie Schlenoff)
  • Field Notes Compiler (Tom & Allison Mickel)
  • Membership Coordinator (Maeve Sowles)
  • Membership Database (Tim Godsil)
  • Membership Renewal Coordinator (Ron Renchler)
  • Membership Renewals Mailing (Tim Godsil)
  • Newsletter Editing (Karen Irmscher)
  • Newsletter Printing (InstaPrint, contact)
  • Newsletter Production (Kerry Lutz – paid with discount)
  • Newsletter distribution & delivery to PO for mailing (LaRue Rodgers and Robert Piersol)
  • OAC Representatives (Maeve Sowles, Debbie Schlenoff)
  • Program Meeting Coordinator (Dennis Arendt)
  • Tax Preparer (Emge & White, CPA) (paid but give nonprofit discount)
  • Webmaster (Hilary Dearborn)

For more info contact Maeve Sowles at 541.343.8664  or email