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Since September 2020 Lane County Audubon program meetings have been presented on Zoom.  Past programs are available for viewing on YouTube (See below.) As of early 2022, we’re hosting in-person meetings while still offering the Zoom meeting option.

Upcoming and Past Program Meetings
Three-toed Woodpecker
Program Meeting Tues Oct 24, 7 pm: Woodpeckers

With Steve Shunk: Tongues, Toes & Tales of Oregon Woodpeckers—Anatomy & Adaptation Imagine, for a…

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Past Program Meetings

Acorn Woodpecker
Acorn Woodpecker 
Photo: Forest Tomlinson

Antarctica and the Sub-Antarctic Islands with Magnus Persmark

A Confluence of Interests: Nature and People in the 21st Century

An Adventure to Brazil’s Mato Grosso State and Argentina’s Iguazu Falls

Winter Raptor Surveys in the Pacific Northwest

Native Pollinators and Native Plants

eBird Tools with Vjera Thompson

Adventure in Ecuador

Fighting Crime with Feathers with Pepper Trail

The Bear Necessities with Ram Papish

The Birds of Mt St Helens with Gina Roberti

Chinstrap Penguins with Noah Stryker

Hawaiian Birds with Rich Ahrens

Saline Lakes & Flamingoes with Nate Senner

eBird Resources with Vjera Thompson

New Hikes OR Cascades with Bill Sullivan

Polyglottal Passerines Mimicry with Rich Hoyer

Of Ravens, Wolves, and People with John Marzluff

Ultimate Africa: Tanzania & Uganda - Ram Papish

All Tied Up in Knots with Janet Essley

Dead Trees: Why We Need Them with Ken Bevis