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LCAS volunteers

Volunteers are the “green energy” that drives the activities of the Lane Audubon chapter. The only way we are able to keep our projects running is with folks who have some time, talent, and initiative to help. The work done by Lane Audubon is ALL because of our wonderful volunteers. We have a small and committed Board that steers our various projects and lends a hand when needed. The Board will help new volunteers with advice, support, and experience. We care about wildlife and their habitats, and we also care about people. Lane Audubon’s work is important in the community. We advocate for environmental education and conservation programs throughout Lane County. We are also committed to a community free of any kind of discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, and national or ethnic origin.

We welcome your involvement in helping us advocate for the birds. Building our core group of volunteers is our most powerful means for reaching out to the community and engaging the public with our goals of education and conservation. Lane Audubon currently has 1,416 membership households that participate in many community events to share their interest in birds and nature.

Our many and varied outreach activities include:

  • Program meetings eight times a year. Over the past two years, we have adapted to Zoom Program meetings. Moving forward, we have begun a hybrid version (in-person plus Zoom), continuing in May and planned for this fall. An added bonus is that previous Zoom Programs are now available for viewing on YouTube!!

  • Audubon Adventures educational kits for school classrooms.

  • Audubon in the Schools, our own drawing instruction modules that use bird specimens to teach children both art technique and natural history. This group is also participating in some Beginning Birding Outdoor School sessions.

  • Twice-monthly bird walks. Join in the outdoor birding fun with our group. See page 8. FMI:

  • Twice-yearly events at the Agate Hall chimney, highlighting the spring and fall migrations of Vaux’s Swifts.

  • Our annual year-end Christmas Bird Count; the 2022 count will be January 1, 2023.

  • Booth events, where we interact with the community, answer questions, and provide bird and natural history handouts.

  • Conservation activism focused on preserving habitat diversity. Our efforts to protect habitat can make a difference in the long-term survival of the birds we enjoy watching. This is a never-ending challenge!

  • Our Lane Audubon phone, 541.485.BIRD, is answered by volunteers who give birding advice and help people with bird IDs and other questions.

  • Our monthly newsletter, The Quail, provides Field Note reports of interesting bird sightings, conservation reports on issues that need attention, and announcements of Lane Audubon activities.

  • The LCAS Facebook, Instagram, and Website help us reach out to the online community with current topics and events. Our Website is updated frequently and includes a wealth of helpful and interesting historical resources.

  • A newly established University of Oregon Student Bird Club, thanks to Isaac Scott’s efforts.

  • Monthly Board meetings, which are a great way to learn about all these activities and get to know us. If you are interested in attending a Board meeting, just ask!

Be a part of the team of Lane Audubon volunteers! Please step up to help us keep our energy and forward momentum going!

If you have an interest in being involved and/or have skills you would like to put to work in support of our goals, we would like to hear from you! Call 541.485.2473 or email