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Katie McInnis

We want to welcome Katie McInnis as a new LCAS Board member! Katie has been involved in volunteering for more than two years and helps in many ways. She is most involved with the Bird Friendly City project, but also attends bird outings and Board meetings regularly.

Katie offers great insights, as her veterinary and wildlife medicine background give her deep understanding of the many issues threatening birds and other wildlife. Welcome to Katie and thank you for being part of the Lane Audubon Board!

Katie became interested in pursuing wildlife medicine during veterinary school. After graduating from Kansas State with her DVM, she completed a wildlife medicine and surgery internship at the Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife in Florida. She then began working for the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council in 2017, and has worked in course organization and development, educational resources, and international projects.

Since Katie began birding in Oregon, her time outside with birds has only deepened her commitment to wildlife and conservation. Her two children, Benji (7) and Sophie (5), keep her busy outside of work, but she multitasks by combining activities. These include being a scout den leader, assisting at school, and bringing birds into the conversation whenever possible. She is currently working to broaden her impact by participating in the Parrot Conservation Corps and in more Oregon bird surveys, including the Breeding Bird Survey and Adopt-a-Lek.

Katie is honored to be joining the Lane Audubon Board and is excited to assist in ongoing and new projects. Outside of birding, her interests include indigenous rights, 2SLGBTQ+ rights, science fiction, Legos, and baking. She lives in Eugene with her husband, kids, an indoor cat, and a crazy dog.

We say thank you and farewell to both Isaac Scott and Ramiro Aragon, who are no longer Board members.

Isaac left town after graduation to get a job in Washington state and hoped to continue as a Board member, but life and work got in the way. While he was a part of LCAS he created the University of Oregon Student Bird Club, for which we are very grateful. We hope this legacy continues with new students in the future.

Ramiro was a LCAS Board member for more than 5 years. We benefitted from his efforts in creating educational tools for Latinx student outreach. As a biologist he helped us with many bird outings and was a valued member of our group. We are happy that Ramiro got his dream job, but are just sorry it involves being mostly in California.

Both Ramiro and Isaac are missed, but each left his mark on our organization. Thanks for the times we had together!