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Thanks and Farewell to Judy Brown

We want to thank Judy Brown for her work as Program Coordinator since fall of 2015. Since taking on this activity she has recruited a number of interesting speakers for our Program Meetings. Judy also attended Board meetings, has joined us on bird walks, and volunteered for other LCAS events. While she looks forward to living closer to her family, we will miss her volunteer efforts and companionship at our activities. Best of luck and thank you, Judy!

Thanks to Dick Lamster

Thank you to Dick Lamster for taking on two outreach speaking engagements in February.

On Saturday, February 10, he presented a Backyard Birding talk at the Down to Earth store in Eugene. Soon after, on February 13, he made a presentation on Cavity Nesting Birds for the Birds and Natural History Group at Lakeridge of Eugene, a senior retirement park.

Booth Staffers Shine at Good Earth Show

by Ron Renchler

The turnout for the 13th annual Good Earth, Garden & Living Show in January was huge, and as usual a reliable group of dedicated LCAS booth staffers was there to handle the crowds, answering questions, handing out literature, and letting show-goers know about the great work LCAS does for birds, education, and conservation in the community.

A hearty “thank you” goes out to each and every volunteer: Theresa Burnett, Barbara Butzer, Hilary Dearborn, Margot Fetz, Barb Foreman, John LeMay, Dolly Marshall, Sally O’Donnell, John Polo, Nancy Radius, Bruce Stermer, Vjera Thompson, Janie Thomas, Susanne Twight-Alexander, and Dan Willis.

A special thanks goes to Kris Kirkeby, who offered a workshop entitled “Drawing Perching Birds in Pencil” as part of the show’s seminar series.

LCAS President Maeve Sowles notes: None of this would be possible without the efforts of Ron Renchler. Ron arranges with event organizers to have a booth presence, manages the supplies for the booth, and recruits and schedules volunteers for each community outreach we have!
Thanks for all your efforts, Ron!