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I want to express my gratitude for many levels of support Lane County Audubon Society (LCAS) receives from our members and volunteers. Every November we send our annual donation request to support our education, conservation, and outreach programs. Our members always respond generously to this request, and we are deeply grateful for the continued support of many people. Lane Audubon thanks you, members, for your financial support!

Each year in December, we have a Volunteer Recognition gathering which serves to thank our wonderful volunteers for their efforts. 2020 will be the first year in decades that we won’t be able to gather for that fun event. Lane Audubon volunteers are the brains, heart and muscle of our organization. Every person who volunteers contributes greatly to our work and we truly appreciate your efforts.

We hope that next year we can gather again in person to enjoy socializing and sharing a meal with the special people who contribute to our work with their time and energy. Thanks to each one of you for your volunteer contributions!

—Maeve Sowles