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California Quail

We are pleased to welcome new Board member, Isaac Scott. Isaac is a UO grad student in Nonprofit Management. As part of his course work, he serves on a board of directors to learn about non-profit organizations first-hand. Isaac grew up on a property owned by the Massachusetts Audubon and has interned with them as well. Familiar with the story and mission of Audubon Societies, he hopes to learn more about working at the local level. He began attending our Board meetings in October and the Board approved his position as a member later that month. Isaac is working with Maeve and Ron on revising the Lane County Audubon Society By-Laws along with other administrative function improvements. His undergraduate degree is in Environmental Science and Policy, and he worked in elementary schools for three years in Colorado prior to coming to the UO for his master’s degree. We are happy he has joined our board. He is contributing to improvements we need to make in these basic but important Board business functions.

Jim Maloney resigned his long-term Board position in September 2021 to spend more time on his building projects and personal pastimes. Jim became a Lane County Audubon Society Board member in September of 2009! Over the past 12 years Jim has shared his deep passion for environmental causes and was our advocate on wind energy issues as well as other energy-related topics. Jim and his wife, Charlotte, have been eager participants in most Lane Audubon activities. He presented programs detailing the impacts of wind energy farms on bird and bat mortality. He also gave a great program about their trip to Alaska, illustrated with wonderful wildlife photos. In 2010, Jim began co-leading field trips with a walk at that year’s Wings and Wine Festival. In summer of 2013, he became our field trip coordinator (along with Charlotte). They did this job until October of 2017! Over the years, Jim has also contributed a number of photos and book reviews for the newsletter and helped with Facebook postings. Jim served on the Board as a trusted, caring, smart, experienced, and committed member of our team. He has looked for solutions and supported our mission over the past 12 years with his many talents. Jim continues to help Lane Audubon with Facebook postings, and we value his input on this important outreach effort! Thank you for everything, Jim!

Rachael Friese resigned from the Lane Audubon Board in November 2021. As a busy mom with a full-time job, her time became filled to the brim, so she had to resign from Board obligations. Rachael continues to attend bird walks and is supportive of our outreach activities. She will continue to volunteer when time allows. Previously Rachael also served as the Audubon Adventures Coordinator (May 2016 – Feb. 2021). Thank you, Rachael, for your commitment to Audubon Adventures and your contributions as a Lane Audubon Board member!