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Lane Audubon is happy to welcome Katy Vizdal as our new Instagram and Facebook poster. Katy approached us to help out with social media outreach and we are happy to have her help! Welcome, Katy!

Greetings, my name is Katy Vizdal, and I am a new volunteer with the Lane County Audubon Society! I originally hail from the Prairie State (Illinois) and have called Eugene home now for over a decade. My appreciation for birds started at a young age, as my mother often took us on drives along the Mississippi River to “see the eagles.” When I’m not working as an arts administrator, I like to spend my free time visiting natural and wildlife areas around the region. Lately, undoubtedly impacted by the pandemic, I’ve taken a keener interest in birding, as I spend more of my free time outdoors. 

As I begin to scratch the surface of this incredibly stimulating and interconnected world of birding, I’m grateful to have our local Audubon chapter as a resource for my new passion. As a new volunteer with LCAS, I’ll be sharing some of my discoveries on the LCAS Facebook and Instagram accounts, so I hope you tune in!