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Townsend's warbler

We are happy to announce that we have updated our website to WordPress, which is a simpler, more user-friendly management system. This project has been in the works for almost 2 years. Our old one, constructed in 2013, was difficult to update and keep current with safety features. Recently, we were finally able to hire Ruby Porter Marketing & Design, a local web design and marketing firm, to create this new version of the Lane Audubon website for us. Hurrah for Ruby Porter’s help! They were easy to work with and very supportive.

birds of lane county oregon
Available for download under the “Resources” tab.

Generally, the website contains all the same features. Navigating through it is quick and easy, and updating content will also be easier. One new addition is the Birds of Lane County Checklist, now available on the website under the Resources tab! Prior to this, only hard copies were available. Now anyone can download and print this, as well as many other LCAS handouts.

We must give a very big thank you to Hilary Dearborn, our webmaster, for transferring content from the old website to the new one. She managed the process of re-populating the various drop down tabs, and worked with the Ruby Porter folks to learn and understand the inner workings of the new website.

American Tree Sparrow
American tree sparrow, photo: Forest Tomlinson

Ron Renchler and Maeve Sowles were also involved in the process, attending one of the Zoom trainings with Ruby Porter and assisting with editing and feedback. Another people who helped provide content are Gerry Meenaghan and Forest Tomlinson, who sent us selections of their wonderful photos of Lane County birds. Together they shared more than 42 photos, complete with bird names and location. We will be using them in various ways on the website, and truly appreciate Gerry’s and Forest’s talents and generosity!

We are happy to have this big item off our “TO DO” list! Check out the new website here.