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I want to express my gratitude for many levels of support Lane County Audubon Society (LCAS) receives from our members and volunteers. 

Every November we send our annual donation request to support our education, conservation, and outreach programs. Our members always respond generously to this request, and we are deeply grateful for the continued support of many people. Lane Audubon thanks you, members, for your financial support!

In early November, LCAS hosted the bi-annual Oregon Audubon Council (OAC) Conservation meeting in Eugene. A total of 23 people attended, representing nine Oregon chapters, plus two more from Washington Audubon. During activities over three days, our volunteers helped and participated. Many thanks go to Connie Berglund, Dick Lamster, and Milo Meacham for the early morning room set up and registration assistance! Debbie Schlenoff and Maeve Sowles planned, organized, and participated throughout the weekend. Rob Champer delivered the group’s lunch order to keep us fueled for the whole meeting day. Rachael Friese attended the Friday evening social, the Saturday dinner, and evening program. Thanks to Rebecca Waterman, Ramiro Aragon, Sally Hill, Rachael Friese, Maeve Sowles, and Judy Franzen for hosting the Sunday morning bird walk! It was attended by OAC members from five chapters who enjoyed a lovely morning of birding at Delta Ponds, where we saw about 50 species of birds! It was a nice finish to a busy weekend, and the Oregon Audubon chapter members were happy they joined us. Thanks to all of our helpful volunteers for making this important event successful!

This fall we had two requests for bird walks from visitors outside our area. Dennis Arendt and Ellen Cantor agreed to host these visitors for special birding outings in Eugene, one at Mt. Pisgah and one at Delta Ponds. Thanks to Dennis and Ellen for sharing their time and representing our birding community!

Each volunteer contributes uniquely to our work. Some do work behind the scenes, but all are critically important. Some help out regularly and keep their piece of the big wheel turning. Others may only help occasionally. Each volunteer, however, invests time, energy, and commitment to our group. We are much more powerful working together. Together we translate our goals into positive action. One of the take-away messages from attending an Oregon Audubon Council meeting is that each of the chapters, big and small, makes a difference in its community. You, who have donated your time and your money to us, help us make a difference here in the community we share. Each of you has my gratitude. Thank you!

New Volunteers Welcome

If you would like to become involved with Lane Audubon, please contact Maeve Sowles at 541.343.8664 or