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Eva Schultz, longtime Lane County Audubon Society member, died October 6, 2019. Her membership in LCAS dated back to 1974. She was continuously active and volunteered over the decades. Eva was an elementary school teacher and valued education. In earlier years, she shared her birding interest by leading bird walks and giving slide presentations in elementary schools and senior care centers. In recent years, she continued to participate with LCAS by helping to prepare The Quail for mailing. Eva and her birding friends attended Lane Audubon Program meetings and the Annual Volunteer Potluck. Eva always came in the door with a smile on her face! We will miss her warm and welcoming presence. 

Alan Contreras wrote:

I had the pleasure of knowing Eva since I was a teenage birder in the 1970s. She was one of the adult birders who was willing to put up with me and take me birding, as I did not get a car until I was 26. She was always willing to take off and go look for birds. Our most memorable trip was the day we went to Seaside and Astoria to look for two King Eiders and a Spotted Redshank. We both had vivid memories of walking a long way on the cobble-rocks at Seaside to see the eiders. The redshank was more cooperative. When Eva was in her 70s, I took her on a WINGS tour to Florida and the Dry Tortugas. She got to see Limpkins, lots of frigatebirds, and even an Antillean Nighthawk that stopped by. She was always one of my favorite people and we visited regularly.

Obit for Eva Schultz: