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Administrative Assistant

Lane Audubon would like a volunteer who could serve as an Administrative Assistant for Board responsibilities. Requisite skills include the ability to use typical word processing, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint. Since we do not have a physical office, working from home would be required.

FMI: please contact Maeve Sowles at or 541.343.8664.

Binoculars Needed

The AITS team sometimes leads beginning birding sessions for kids at the Outdoor School’s Forest Field Day. Team members distribute binoculars and use bird silhouettes in trees to practice focusing, then they take a brief walk to look for birds in the forest. The AITS team would like to have more binoculars for the kids, so each child can practice using them. To donate used, but working, binoculars, please call Maeve Sowles at 541.343.8664 or bring them to an LCAS Program Meeting. 

AITS Scheduler 

The Audubon in the Schools team would like a volunteer to help with the scheduling of classroom visits. It usually takes 5-6 emails between the teacher and scheduler, to schedule an AITS visit. This volunteer needs to be organized and attentive to the teachers’ requests as well as work with the AITS instructors and their schedules. It is a critical piece of keeping this program running and helping everyone succeed in their mission to bring the AITS program into classrooms, where the kids can learn about drawing birds, feathers, and ecosystems!

FMI: please contact Maeve Sowles at or 541.343.8664. 

 Booth Staffing Scheduler

This position requires only a few hours of time two or three times each year, when booth events are scheduled. Some basic computer and organizational skills, such as sending group e-mail messages and putting together staffing schedules, are needed. The process begins by sending out announcements to an email list of potential volunteers, alerting them to a booth staffing opportunity. After volunteers respond, the scheduler puts together staffing schedules and distributes them to booth staffers. 

Orientation and training will be provided, and the work can be done from your home. It can be rewarding to work behind the scenes to help Lane Audubon spread the word about the importance of birds and their habitats. To learn more about this position, please call contact Ron Renchler at or 541.345.0834.

Bird Display Volunteer

Lane County Audubon Society has a nice collection of encased taxidermied birds, bird nests, feathers, and eggs which are used for educational display at various locations around town (schools, libraries, etc.). If you’re interested in identifying locations and setting up and monitoring the displays, this could be an ideal volunteer position for you. 

Since exhibits are usually on display for a full month or two, this position doesn’t require a tremendous amount of time. After a display location is identified, the volunteer establishes the display dates with someone at the location, transports the display to the site, and sets it up. Then the he or she inventories and monitors the exhibit until it is taken down. Only one or two displays are typically up at any one time. 

Some basic organizational skills are useful, as is email access (although this is not required). If you have an interest in helping LCAS display its collection of educational materials, email or call Ron Renchler at or 541.345.0834.