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Joe Moll McKenzie River Trust

This program is available on YouTube.    A Confluence of Interests: Nature and People in the 21st Century  Joe Moll will present a program and discussion about the new McKenzie River Trust lands near Mount Pisgah.

Willamette River fogThe Willamette Confluence Preserve was established in 2010 when The Nature Conservancy acquired it from the Wildish Family. The Nature Conservancy is now transferring ownership of the property to the McKenzie River Trust, which will lead a collaborative effort to ensure long-term stewardship of the site. River confluences are ecologically rich, due to dynamic shifts in land and water. This interplay creates a diversity of habitats. As Springfield and Eugene continue to develop and expand, this area’s location in our metaphoric backyard as well as adjoining popular recreation areas, will become increasingly vital for nature conservation and appreciated by people who enjoy connecting to natural habitats. In this discussion with McKenzie River Trust Executive Director Joe Moll, we will consider the opportunities and challenges of caring for nature in the places we love close to home.

Joe Moll has given two presentations for Lane County Audubon Society in the past: one about the McKenzie River and the other about grizzlies. He has been a member of the Oregon Water Resources Commission since 2018. He began his career in conservation in the early 1990s, working with bears and people in Montana and Hokkaido, Japan. Since that time, he has been intrigued by one of the basic conundrums of those working in conservation: How best do we live in and love a place without loving it to death?

This LCAS Program starts at 7:00pm and will be available in person as well as via Zoom. The location is Campbell Senior Center, 155 High Street near Skinner’s Butte.