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Audubon in the Schools 2022

Barb Pope and Rose Britton gave a one-hour presentation at a kids’ day event called “Off the Beaten Path” at the Cottage Grove Library the afternoon of August 4th. Twenty-eight kids, ages ranging from 4 to 11, participated. Barb and Rose divided the kids into two groups, which they took turns teaching, allowing each group to do both activities.

Barb read aloud the Robert Bateman book, The Boy Who Painted Nature, which was then donated to the library. Rose discussed how to identify birds and their common traits, while the kids looked at the bird specimen collection.

After instruction on using binoculars, each cluster went outside the library to practice finding cardboard birds that had been placed for them to see. Another activity was a falcon art project the kids learned from Rose. Thanks to Rose and Barb for providing a fun and educational summer activity for these young people!