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On World Migratory Bird Day, Saturday, May 12, Lane County Audubon Society and Nearby Nature co-sponsored a family-friendly event at Nearby Nature’s Learnscape in Alton Baker Park.

Attendees young, old, and in between were treated to bird walks in the park, bird- and nature-related games and activities, and information about the migratory birds in our area. LCAS and Nearby Nature volunteers got a chance to socialize and enjoy the sun, which made its appearance by late morning.

Fifty-two bird species were sighted between the morning bird walk and the early afternoon event closing. Kids participated in nature journaling, migratory bird games, and bird- and nature-related coloring and craft activities. Parents enjoyed seeing their youngsters outdoors, appreciating nature within the boundaries of our growing urban area.

Special thanks go to Beth Stein, ShyAnne Groberg, Bear Scamman, and the rest of the staff and volunteers at Nearby Nature, who helped LCAS plan the event and host it at Nearby Nature’s facilities. LaRue Rodgers handled the kids’ educational activities for LCAS and was there throughout the day, making sure they all had fun. Rebecca Waterman assembled a great group of bird walk leaders: Rick Ahrens, Ramiro Aragon, Dave Bontrager, Nick Paget, John Polo, John and Laura Sullivan, and Vjera Thompson. Maeve Sowles and Ron Renchler planned and coordinated the event for LCAS. Other LCAS volunteers included Connie Berglund and Bob Fleming. Thanks also go to the National Audubon Society for a Collaborative Funding Grant, which helped us with production costs and other expenses.