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Rebecca has been involved with our organization as the Bird Walk coordinator since fall of 2017.  She has attended board meetings, as well as helped with bird walks and outreach events since first becoming involved. She is excited about birding and cares deeply about sharing the excitement and wonderment of birding. Thanks Rebecca, for your help!!  —Maeve

I am so excited to be the newest board member of the Lane County Audubon Society! I grew up knowing what my backyard birds were, and particularly loved American Goldfinches and Red-winged Blackbirds. However, it was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet that sparked a serious interest in birding back in 2013. Since then, birding has become one of my greatest passions. I have enjoyed attending, and now coordinating, nearly every Third Saturday Bird Walk for the past several years. In joining the members of the LCAS board, I hope to help encourage the next generation to explore their interest in birding. I appreciate this opportunity to help share the joy that birds add to my life! —Rebecca Waterman