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Lane County Audubon Society will hold its annual spring Swift Event outside Agate Hall, although this year we will wait to set a date until we see swifts begin to arrive at the chimney. Their migration patterns are less predictable than ever before. In the past we have seen the earliest Vaux’s Swifts arrive by mid-April with increasing numbers over the next three to four weeks.

The Vaux’s Swifts use the chimney to roost for the night as they gather during spring migration. The LCAS Swift Event is a wonderful chance to observe and learn about the birds as they return from Central and South America for the breeding season.

LCAS will offer handouts with information about the birds. Look for the LCAS banner at 17th Avenue and Agate Street. Stop by and enjoy this annual natural phenomenon. It’s free and open to the public.

The date of the event will be posted on our website calendar and Facebook page. You may also call 541.343.8664 for more information. Remember to check out the Vaux’s Happening website for more information about Vaux’s Swifts: