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Vaux's Swifts

At sunset, you are invited to attend a free real-time nature extravaganza right here in Eugene! The timing of the migration varies, so we hope the Vaux’s Swifts will show up when we gather to watch them ride in on warm winds from the south. Lane County Audubon Society will staff an informational table in the parking lot on the dates above, but feel free to watch the swifts funneling down into the chimney during other sunsets close to these dates.

For decades the swifts have used the Agate Hall Chimney, on UO campus at 17th Avenue and Agate Street, to roost for the night during their stopover in the Willamette Valley. They feed and recover here during their northward migration in spring as well as their southward migration in the fall. Most of those arriving in April will continue north and east to the mountains for the nesting season.

Check for sunset time and plan to arrive early to watch them swirling across the sky as they gather before entering the chimney for the night! Non-birding family members and friends, including young children, can often be enticed by the proximity of the playground south of Agate Hall, and/or Prince Puckler’s Ice Cream. Exposing children to the wonders of nature can sometimes stimulate a lifelong interest.

FMI: Lane Audubon website, Facebook page, or call the Lane Audubon phone at 541.485.2473