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Vaux's Swifts

We hope to welcome the Vaux’s Swifts back in April as they arrive with a warm wind from the south. The timing of the migration varies, so we hope they will show up when we gather to watch the birds ride in on the wind. The swifts use the Agate Hall Chimney to roost for the night, funneling in to rest and recover after their long migration from the south. Most will continue north and east to the mountains for the nesting season.

Come join us at Agate Hall, on UO campus at 17th Avenue and Agate Street. Reluctant family members will often join in, if you promise ice cream at nearby Prince Pucklers.

FMI: Lane Audubon Facebook page or call the Lane Audubon phone at 541.485.2473.
FMI: about Vaux’s Swifts:  Vaux’s Happening