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Ram Papish’s program “The Bear Necessities” is now available on YouTube

All you need for a great wildlife adventure: a congregation of hungry brown bears. At Katmai Park and Preserve’s famous Brooks Camp, bears gather in summer to feast on an abundance of spawning salmon. But what happens if the fish don’t show up?

Ram PapishFor over 20 field seasons, Ram Papish worked as a wildlife biologist studying birds and other wildlife, primarily in Alaska. His illustrations appear in many books and publications. Ram regularly presents on science and nature topics at bird festivals, local bird clubs, and in public schools. He combines his background in art, science and public speaking to engage and educate the public on environmental topics.

Ram grew up in Eugene and now lives in Toledo, Oregon, on six wooded acres with his fabulous wife Dawn Harris, eight bird feeders, eighteen nest boxes, eighteen chickens, eighteen rescued parrots, and one Chia pet. Since 2009, he has concentrated on pursuing a career as a wildlife illustrator.Brown Alaskan bears[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]