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Herb Wisner has spent many hours every year for many, many years doing volunteer work for LCAS. He has served on the Board, and he has been Program Chair for decades—so long that we can’t pin down just how long. He has kept an ear and eye out for prospective speakers and has magically filled the program calendar eight times each year. He has engaged artists, authors, photographers, conservationists, bird acoustics experts, scientists, professors, and world travelers to entertain and inform our members. Herb himself has presented programs, sharing his broad knowledge of birds and natural history with us. He delighted us with his humor, the occasional song, and his unending curiosity about the world. We will not actually say goodbye to Herb, but just give him a reprieve from his monthly program duties with a hearty “thank you” from all of us!
For the past year and a half, Barclay Brown has managed the Audubon in the Schools program. Unfortunately, she needs to step down to focus on work. We appreciate her efforts and time spent on this very important educational resource. Thanks and good luck, Barclay!