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chickadee drawing by Eliza

Sponsors of our Audubon Adventures program started signing up even before we asked! It’s heartening to see the support for our local schools, and our community’s willingness to contribute to a program that helps students better understand and appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

To date, these LCAS members have sponsored 46 classrooms: Rob & Janet Barnes (2); Charlotte & Dave Bontrager (2); Beth Bridges (2); Gaylene Carpenter (1); Rob Castleberry & Joyce Thomas (2); Mary Beth Crawford (2); Stephanie Curtis (1); Ruth Anne Fraley (4); Ann Hinnen (3); Linda and Dennis Howard (1); Cathy Irwin (1); Rita Kiley (1); Charles & Reida Kimmel (2); Betsy Parry (2); Marilyn Rawlings (2); Elna Robinette (1); Denice Rogers (2); Evelyn Sherr (4); Mika Singer (2); Mike Smith (1); Karen Svenson (2); Doris Wimber (2); Richard Miller (1); Kathryn Kemp (1); Liz Hall (1); Susan Markley (1); Jim & Connie Regali (2); Susan McConnell (1).

Thanks to all of you! If you wish to sponsor or want more information, contact Cecelia Hagen, Audubon Adventures Coordinator, at