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Bird Migration Forecast map 2023

New Resources for Tracking Bird Migration

By September, fall’s bird migration is in full swing. We can find shorebirds and ducks arriving at Fern Ridge and other waterways. We can see the Vaux’s Swifts at Agate Hall, as well as other chimneys around the area. The…

World Migratory Bird Day

Bird Migration Questions and Some Answers

Who? Why? When? Where? How? So many questions are asked about bird migration and so many scientific studies are done to supply a rich font of answers. Why and when? Birds in the Northern Hemisphere migrate in the spring to…

geese flying

Keeping Birds Safe on Migration using Radar Technology and You!

Migration is among the most astonishing and challenging stages in any bird’s life–a metabolically demanding journey riddled with perils, from hazardous weather and food shortages to human-caused impacts like light pollution. Fully 80% of our terrestrial migrants in North America…