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Schools are back in session, and it’s time to invite teachers to sign up for Audubon Adventures. The Audubon Adventures curriculum kits are designed by the National Audubon Society to help students learn about the natural world and increase their environmental awareness. Students receive three issues of a full-color magazine, and teachers have access to a variety of online materials and lesson plans that meet language arts and science standards.

Audubon Adventures classrooms also receive a year’s membership to the National Audubon Society and Lane County Audubon Society. What’s not to love? Each year, LCAS members have generously sponsored kits for local classrooms. Use the donation information below if you are interested in continuing this tradition. If you’d like to sponsor a specific school or classroom, please include that information so we can do our best to accommodate your request.

Educators interested in receiving an Audubon Adventures kit for their classrooms can email

The earlier sponsorships are received, the earlier materials can be delivered to our local schools.

Mail your donation of $45 per classroom (payable to LCAS) to:

Audubon Adventures, PO Box 5086, Eugene, OR 97405
or go to our Audubon Adventures page. and scroll to the bottom to make your donation online.kid art black bird