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Janet Jernberg passed away at home September 29th. She was number 97 in our membership database, meaning she joined Lane Audubon when it was first formed, in the mid-1970s.

Janet hosted The Quail mailing crew nine times a year in her home, where the group would gather to put mailing labels on the newsletters.

Since the mid-1980s, the mailing group has worked diligently, dependably, and without fanfare. That’s more than 35 years! They have truly enjoyed gathering together for this job. Over the years, different people participated, and each one was a valued member. While applying labels, they also celebrated birthdays, holidays, and bird sightings, and shared cakes, cookies, and snacks!

Janet included her great-niece, Star, and great-nephew, Dominik, in these gatherings, since she did after-school care for him. More recently they have lived with her to help out as her health declined, and they help with The Quail mailings each month.

Janet was a kind, caring, generous, reliable, humble person, and always greeted me with a smile.

Janet’s family said she taught them to love nature and birds and took them to the coast and mountains to enjoy the outdoors. She was a sweet lady and I’ll miss her.