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Outdoor school birders

On April 26th and 28th, 2022 at Bauman Tree farm near Veneta, we put on beginning birding class sessions for students from Agnes Stewart Middle School.  We focused on how to use binoculars and what to look for when birding. All of their 6th grade classes—144 energetic, enthusiastic and mostly very well-behaved 6th graders—joined in.

Audubon in the Schools volunteers Rose Britton, Jane Holloway, and Barb Pope spent 4 ½ hours each day teaching. Teamwork made the experience so much better for both the presenters and the kids. Only about 6 different species of birds were seen. The deep forest isn’t the easiest place to go out birding.

Our 6 new sets of binoculars worked wonderfully. We hope we created some new birders!