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Black Phoebe

There are many different ways to communicate about birds. Social media, word of mouth, listservs, and messaging apps. Whatsapp is a messaging app that is connected to your cell phone number. It can be accessed on a smartphone and also by web, but you need to first connect through your phone. If you enjoy ongoing birdy chat, you may consider joining one or more Whatsapp groups. A Whatsapp group is similar to a group text in that many folks can join. Benefits include: growing community, up-to-the-minute news on interesting sightings, and sharing lots of other bird-related information.

Particularly relevant to our readers may be the Lane County Open Birdchat and the Open Oregon Birders Whatsapp groups. Links to these, and more, groups may be found on the Oregon Birding Association website, or folks can email Rebecca for more information. These groups are open to any bird-related conversation, including first of year/season sightings, questions about road conditions, identification help, interesting sightings not limited to Rare Bird Alerts, and more!

– Rebecca Waterman