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 Before Tuesday, February 20th, at 3 p.m. please join us in asking your legislators to oppose anti-conservation HB 4106.

HB 4106 would require the Department of Forestry to maximize logging in state forests at the expense of all other values — including clean water, fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and carbon storage. HB 4106 would require the Department of Forestry to justify every tree protected under the Habitat Conservation Plan. It would even allow the timber industry to sue the state to force more clearcuts on state forests.

In short, HB 4106 would devastate Oregon’s state forests, resulting in more clearcuts, less fish and wildlife habitat, and more timber industry lawsuits.

Here are two ways you can help us stop HB 4106:

  1. Email your legislator today, and
  2. Add your comments opposing HB 4106 in the bill’s testimony submission form. Make sure to enter your “position on the measure” as “oppose.” Next, click on “text testimony” at the bottom of the form and add your written comments. Your comments can be very simple. Feel free to copy and paste the message below but know that by adding your personal experience about the value of state forests, your message will carry even more power.

I strongly oppose HB 4106. If passed, this bill would undermine the state forest plan to conserve crucial fish and wildlife habitat and would result in more clearcuts, less habitat, and more timber industry lawsuits. Please don’t let this bill pass out of committee.

Ideally, submit your comments before Tuesday, February 20th, at 3 p.m. so legislators can consider them prior to the bill’s hearing. The final deadline to submit comments is Wednesday, February 21st, at 3 p.m.

For more info and to submit testimony see Cascadia Wild.