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We’ve posted these before, but they are so useful that they bear repeating.

  • Birding News on the American Birding Association’s Oregon Birding Online (OBOL) website offers the primary bird-sighting listserv for Oregon: First click on Home, then scroll down to the OBOL link. It can be sorted to include postings from Lane County, other counties and regions in Oregon, and even for other states and countries. To set your list for local sightings, go to Birding News. Scroll down in the search field at the top, and choose OR-Lane County or, for a more limited list, OR-Willamette Valley. Sightings by local birders, along with occasional bird-related comments, will show up in your email, and it’s all free.
  • Birding Eugene is another useful online site for local birders:
    This is a website that details birding spots close to Eugene. To visit a site, just click on the name in the list at the top. Each page introduces birding sites of interest, describing key features of the area, indicates the birds likely to be seen there, and includes several pictures of birds common to the site. By clicking on the name of a bird, one is taken to the page for that species maintained by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. That page provides background information about the bird, including a recording of its song.
  • Willamette Valley Birding Trail is a website for those who want to travel a little farther afield: This website provides resources for planning your visit to this trail and has links to eight other Oregon birding trails. Each includes a trail guide with maps and information about the birds that you can look for along the trail.

Links for these and other resources are listed in the Web Links section of the Resources listing on LCAS’s website: