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Bald Eagle
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Midwinter eagle counts have taken place continuously at Dorena Reservoir and Cottage Grove Reservoir over the past 30-plus years. For the last decade, a dedicated group of volunteers from the Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council has conducted the counts. This data is then shared with the Army Corps of Engineers, who track Bald Eagle populations on the reservoirs throughout the Willamette Valley. This year, the counts were held on January 15.

We started the day around 10 am at Dorena Reservoir, where it rained at the beginning and sprinkled now and then throughout the survey. A total of four adults and one immature Bald Eagle were observed. Other raptors seen were a Red-tailed Hawk, an American Kestral, Red-shouldered Hawk, and Northern Harrier.

We surveyed Cottage Grove Reservoir in the afternoon, where coincidentally, we also saw four adults and one immature Bald Eagle. Other raptors observed were a Red-tailed Hawk, and Red-shouldered Hawks. One of the observers, an 8-year old boy, tried to make the sound of a Red-tailed Hawk but a Red-shouldered Hawk answered him! We also saw Ruddy Ducks. Northern Shovelers were in the sewage pond.

Our volunteers enjoyed the day, and our final tally for both reservoirs was eight adults and two immature Bald Eagles.

By Alison Center