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Last year the weather was very nice for the ECBC with just a little rain at end of the day. 162 people were in the field all day and combined with the 81 Home Counters saw 123 species. Eight more species were seen during Count Week. The 162 field observers were a record for our count. The previous high was 157 in 2012. The number of Home Counters was a little below average for the past ten years. The number of species seen was a little below average for the past ten years although when added to the eight seen during Count Week, it was about average. Our record is 140 species in 2005.

We recorded 357,948 individual birds last year. This is way above our record high of 129,874 seen in 2000. This high number was due to two teams seeing a huge “flock” of European Starlings. After studying photos and starling habits, an estimate of 270,000 birds were seen. When you remove this huge number of starlings from the total, our total individual birds seen was about average.You can view results of last year’s ECBC as well as all the other CBCs in North America at Our count code is OREU.

We hope you can join us for this year’s ECBC. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, January 3, 2021.