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Long-time LCAS board member Herb Wisner, now 98, has completed his memoir, My Life…and Then Some: A Memoir? Herb’s bird-filled autobiography is available on Amazon!

The following teaser is shortened slightly from what appears on the Amazon website:


For 98 years, Herb Wisner has lived a remarkable life. Raised in an extraordinary childhood home near the New Jersey shore, his journeys took him to colleges in Alabama and New York, to overseas exploits while in the Army Airforce during WWII, and to a teaching career that stretched from rural Unadilla, New York, to Eugene, Oregon.


Accompanied by hundreds of photos, Herb’s stories span nearly a century. They include vivid portraits of family and friends whose paths have crossed his. He remembers them all in his unique voice infused with gentle humor.


Born in 1922, he describes his rich childhood growing up on an old 5-acre estate near Asbury Park, New Jersey, where his parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all lived together, running the place as a summer hotel for guests who returned year after year to spend the entire summer. He paints vivid pictures of little-known, behind-the-scenes situations when stationed in Italy, Libya, and Egypt during WWII, where he and fellow meteorologists were the ones to decide when the weather was safe for pilots to fly. Returning home from the war, he details meeting Ruth Usher, the love of his life, and changing career directions to become a teacher and the lifelong naturalist he still is.


Teaching is in Herb’s blood. His father, aunts, and uncles were teachers. From them, he also inherited a love of birds and the natural world. You will share Herb’s deep appreciation of birds and the natural world, and his life-long love of teaching—from instructing not-always-attentive junior high and high school students in Unadilla, New York, to inspiring hundreds of students in the biology department at the University of Oregon.


After retirement, he continued to teach through the numerous slide lectures he gave for many organizations in the Eugene area. He also served as a guide for natural history tours in Oregon offered by Elderhostel (now Road Scholar). Many he taught still come up to Herb to exclaim “you were the best teacher I ever had!” Herb Wisner is a man who loves his family and friends, and his family and friends love him back. That love shines throughout this book, as his daughter and two sons grow up, yet return again and again to be with him and their mom, Ruth. And still Herb has stories to tell.

Herb’s bird-filled autobiography is available on Amazon! To find it, click on the link below: