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Anna's Hummingbird

From my veranda, I watch in amazement as Anna’s Hummingbirds hover, then flit from blossom to blossom. I witness a group of California Scrub-Jays squabbling in my yard, chasing each other around to protect their territory or food source. At sunset, I observe hundreds of American Crows flying silently across the sky to their evening roosting place.

Because I’m not particularly good at birding by ear, I can use the Sound ID feature on my Merlin app to either confirm the identification of birds I have seen in my yard (e.g., Lesser Goldfinch) or to identify birds that are likely around, but not always easily visible (e.g., Bewick’s Wren).

While none of these sights or sounds are particularly remarkable, I would not be aware of them were it would not for the ongoing efforts of Lane County Audubon Society (LCAS). It’s only through the encouragement and education that LCAS provides that I’ve come to recognize the vast world that makes up birds and birding.

The organization’s central mission is to make it possible for everyone to enjoy and learn about the world of birds and their habitats. We sponsor school programs that nurture young people to learn about birds and the environment, and put on monthly program meetings where we hear from experts about their latest birding adventures and discoveries. This is in addition to our conservation efforts, bird walks, Christmas Bird Count, newsletter (The Quail), website, Facebook page, and Instagram postings.

Outdoor school birdersThroughout the pandemic, we were able to continue offering outdoor activities, such as bird walks, and we staged our program meetings virtually, with on-demand viewing available on our website, Now we’re returning to in-person program meetings at a new location (Campbell Community Center), while still Zooming the programs for those who can’t make it to the live presentations. Our bird walks continue unabated, and we’re beginning to make booth appearances again. Our education programs are gradually revving up as students return to school.

As LCAS’s treasurer, I can also report that through it all, LCAS has remained financially healthy thanks to your annual support. Once a year, in November, we ask members to renew their memberships and/or make a tax-deductible donation to our cause. It’s easy—just use the envelope you’ll find in this issue of The Quail, or go online to our website at and click on Memberships and/or Donate.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.