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Belted Kingfisher
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Saturday, October 29, 4 pm Oakshire Public House, 207 Madison St, Eugene.

Halcyon Journey is the first book to feature North America’s beloved bird of waterways. Its author, Marina Richie, is a biologist and nature writer from Bend, OR. Her kingfisher explorations and research spanned more than a decade. At this event, she will showcase her recently published book, which is illuminated with sixteen illustrations by Oregon artist Ram Papish, a popular repeat presenter at LCAS Program Meetings.

Marina will be hosted by local writer Tom Titus, who will also read selections from Palindrome, his own collection of essays and poems that celebrate natural wonders of Pacific Northwest, the bloodshot stare of a Sharp-shinned Hawk, and other topics. Tom is a retired research biologist and free-range philosopher who says he enjoys writing “at the messy interface of human experience and the natural world.”