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Vaux's Swifts

Lane County Audubon Society will host one of its annual fall swift events outside Agate Hall at sunset on Friday September 16th. It is fun to observe the swifts before they fly off to Central and South America for the winter.

Vaux’s Swifts use the Agate Hall chimney to roost for the night as they gather prior to migration. We will be outdoors and well spread out to maintain social-distancing, so please be careful of your and other’s safety! We may see thousands of birds entering the chimney, but there is no guarantee!

Look for the LCAS banner at the north parking lot of Agate Hall. Stop by and enjoy this annual natural phenomenon. It’s free! And conveniently close to Prince Puckler’s Ice Cream, which is not free, but can be a low-cost addition to your evening’s fun and may entice reluctant family members and/or friends to come along.

FMI : 541.343.8664, or check out the Vaux’s Swift page on our website: vauxs-swift-information/.

(Please note: Friday 9/9/22 event was canceled due to smoke and high temperatures.)