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Audubon In The Schools Kid Art

The LCAS Audubon in the Schools (AITS) group met for lunch early this fall  to discuss the potential for AITS school sessions in this school year. Our volunteer team is eager to begin engaging students once again! Whatever the current status of COVID is in the community, our instructors will do what they can to accommodate.

We want school teachers who are interested in having class sessions to contact us! We can also offer resources, such as our bird displays and feather specimens, that can be checked out by schools for a time.

The AITS team has also been offering beginning birding sessions for kids’ groups, which can be held outdoors. Kids are instructed in the use of binoculars, and taught how to look for and ID birds. Some of these sessions have been part of Outdoor School sessions and the kids seem to enjoy them!

FMI: contact Barb Pope at again