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April 2021 Zoom program: Nate Senner on Saline Lakes, Flamingos & Life in extreme environments

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Saline lakes occur in some of the world’s driest regions yet are home to globally important assemblages of an array of endemic taxa, ranging from microbes to wading birds. This presentation explores how water availability and lithium mining influence the three species of flamingos that breed in the Lithium Triangle — the Andean (Phoenicoparrus andinus), James’ (P. jamesi), and Chilean Flamingos (Phoenicopterus chilensis). Given the essential function of flamingos as top-consumers and their critical role in the local eco-tourism industry, the projected future increases in the demand for lithium batteries pose grave threats to regional biodiversity and human economic well-being. 

Fall 2018 Lane Audubon Program Meetings

After a summer break, our program meetings will start up again in the fall! Save these dates.

Tuesday September 25–Paul Engelmeyer, Audubon Tenmile Creek Sanctuary Manager, will talk about Land and Sea Conservation Issues and Strategies.

Tuesday October 23–Joe Moll, Executive Director of the McKenzie River Trust, will talk about river systems and the benefits of restoring them to a more natural state.

Program Meeting Hiatus

In summer, Audubon members are often out enjoying birds and the outdoors, traveling far and wide. 

Since sitting indoors when there’s still daylight is less attractive, LCAS takes a break from presenting programs in June, July and August.

Our regularly scheduled programs will resume on the fourth Tuesday of the month, September 26, with a long-awaited talk (and slides) by the intrepid local but international birder, Noah Stryker.