Vaux's Swifts

First Fall Swift Event Enjoyed By Many

Friday, September 4th was the first of two “Welcome Back the Swifts” events Lane County Audubon Society sponsored in September. Approximately 85 gathered, families and groups of friends, along with some dogs, to watch the biannual spectacle of the Vaux’s Swifts entering the chimney at Agate Hall. A Cooper’s Hawk swooped up to the chimney around 7:55, quickly grabbed a swift, and flew away. It took about 15 minutes for the 7,420 Vaux’s Swifts to enter the chimney.

Friday Sept 9 Vaux's Swifts Bon Voyage at Sunset, Agate Hall

swiftsLane County Audubon Society is holding its annual fall swift event outside Agate Hall on Friday September 9th at sunset. The Vaux's swifts use the chimney to roost for the night as they gather prior to migration. Last year the birds came through in a big group early in the month and were gone! We may see several thousand birds entering the chimney, but there is no guarantee! It is fun to observe the swifts before they fly off to Central and South America for the winter.

Lane Audubon will have handouts with information about the Vaux’s swifts.