It’s Not Too Late to Donate!

The November issue of The Quail contained LCAS’s annual fundraising request and donation envelope. If you neglected to respond right away, it’s not too late to do so. You can always contribute online at, or mail your tax-deductible donation to Lane County Audubon Society, PO Box 5086, Eugene OR 97405. Thanks for your ongoing support!


Support LCAS—It’s Never Too Late!

quail logoIf you haven’t returned the donation envelope included in the November issue of The Quail or gone online to show your support for Lane County Audubon Society during our annual fund drive, you can still do so. Simply mail your tax-deductible gift to LCAS, PO Box 5086, Eugene, OR 97405. (Make checks payable to Lane County Audubon Society.) If you prefer to use your credit card through our online donation page, visit to complete the transaction.