Birding Eugene

A team of Lane County Audubon Society (LCAS) members has created a website (BirdingEugene) that describes several birding sites in and around Eugene. Barbara Gleason, Steve Gordon, Kit Larsen, and Art Farley worked together over the past couple of years to gather relevant information and create the website.

Each birding area page includes a map for navigation to reach the site, a general description of the site, and a discussion of common bird sightings for the site. The webpage also includes pictures of the birding area, as well as photos of several birds typically found at that birding area. Clicking on the bird name under its picture takes you to the Cornell Laboratory for Ornithology website for information about the bird species, including its song.

LCAS is providing the following link to the BirdingEugene website BirdingEugene ( Contact Art Farley at art (at) if you would like to add to a given site description or if you would like to discuss adding a new birding site. Together we can make this a valuable resource for our community.