Action Alert: Protect Great Gray Owls in Oregon

Protect Great Gray Owls in Oregon: The southern Cascades in Jackson County are home to one of the most significant (and easily observed) populations of Great Gray Owls in Oregon. This population is particularly concentrated in the vicinity of Howard Prairie Lake east of Ashland.  Part of that area was included in the 2017 expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, but several adjacent blocks in BLM ownership were left out.  Not coincidentally, these have some of the oldest, biggest trees, the most valuable for logging.  BLM's Griffin Half Moon timber sale targets those blocks, including areas known to be occupied by Great Gray Owls.  KS Wild and the Soda Mountain Wilderness Council are currently engaged in litigation against this sale.  

George Sexton, Conservation Director of KS Wild, is seeking statements from birders who have observed the Great Gray Owls in the Howard Prairie area, and can attest to the importance of this population - personally and/or ecologically.  He has provided the template below for comments.  These declarations will be used to support the litigation against this timber sale.

I, XXX, hereby declare as follows:

I personally utilize public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management’s Ashland Resource Area to look for and enjoy native bird species.

Of particular importance to me is the habitat for Great Grey Owls that is provided by BLM managed forests in the vicinity of Howard Prairie Lake.

I have visited these forests approximately XXX times over the past XXX years.

Please describe your GGO birding experiences in the vicinity in as much detail as possible.

Please describe how those GGO birding experiences have impacted you.

Please described any experiences regarding GGO birding that you have shared with friends, family or colleagues.

Please describe how you prepare to engage in GGO birding efforts.

Please describe any funds (such as on gas, meals or equipment) that you have expended to engage in GGO birding activities.

Please describe how and why you hope to engage in GGO birding experiences in the future.

Please describe how you would be impacted or harmed should the BLM remove GGO habitat or harm GGOs in the vicinity of Howard Prairie Lake.

Add anything else you like concerning the value that GGOs and their habitat provide to you.

Signed this day in xxx, Oregon


Name and Address