Program Meeting Tues. Jan 28, 2020: Birding Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and Harney County with Harry Fuller

Harry Fuller will give us a look at the rich and diverse bird populations of Harney County—the Great Basin species we never get on this side of the Cascades. This includes the birds that pass through during migration, and those that are year-round residents. His presentation will also touch on the varied habitats, the widely fluctuating water in the basin, and how it’s all affected by the seasons.

Harry is a devoted birder who enthusiastically shares his passion. He has lived in Oregon since 2007, but has been leading bird trips and teaching birding classes since the 1990s. He leads trips for the Malheur Field Station and the Klamath Bird Observatory, Road Scholar, and Golden Gate Audubon. He also is available for private guiding services. 

Before retirement he managed TV and Internet newsrooms in San Francisco and London. His natural history books include Freeway Birding, Great Gray Owls in California, Oregon and Washington, and San Francisco’s Natural History. Early this year the Oregon State University Press published an anthology of essays about Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, entitled Edge of Awe. Fuller contributed the chapter on Common Nighthawks, seen at the Malheur refuge in abundance.

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Eugene Garden Club, 1645 High St, Eugene
Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 7:30pm