Program Meeting, Tuesday, February 26, 7:30 pm: Bees--Weird, Wonderful, and So Essential!

Did you know Oregon has 500 species of bees, including four species that are actively managed in ingenious ways for crop pollination? Come and learn who these bees are and some of the weird and wonderful features of their lives. The talk will focus on concepts for creating and maintaining bee habitat in a backyard setting, and will introduce the audience to a number of state-run initiatives to protect bees. You will leave knowing five very cool bees that are frequent visitors in our gardens and backyards.

Sarah Kincaid is an entomologist and pollinator specialist in the Insect, Pest, Prevention, and Management Program with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Sarah is a co-founder and ODA project lead for the Oregon Bee Project.  The Oregon Bee Project brings together state agencies, farmers, and conservationists to protect and promote Oregon bee species vital to the state’s agricultural and native landscapes. The Project aims to provide resources and networking opportunities in areas affecting bee health and to highlight pollinator projects underway with in the state. It has also funded research examining the role non-Apis pollinators play in the pollination of several specialty crops. Additionally, Sarah is the author of an identification guide to common bee pollinators of Oregon crops based on data from native bee surveys in 24 specialty crop systems. The guide is designed to provide the growers, the general public and natural resources professionals with basic information about agriculturally relevant bee genera. This guide serves an area of the country were few native bee identification resources have been available.




Programs to Anticipate

March 26  John Sullivan, Tanzania

April 23    Noah Strycker, Birds of the Photo Ark

May 28     Robert Fleming, Flowers of Western Australia

John Sullivan is an adventure traveler who focuses on a lot more than birds. He loves snakes, lizards, frogs, and toads. And of course there will be lots about the big animals as well. He is an exceptionally good photographer, too.

Noah needs no hype. His presentation will likely be held in a larger venue.  If you have yet to peruse Birds of the Photo Ark, do yourself a favor andremedy that situation. National Geographic published the book in 2018. Noah’s thoughtful text accompanies Joel Sartore’s stunning bird photos.

Bob will talk about flowers from western Australia, especially orchids.  He will have great photos and a strong narrative.  Bob and several other local people traveled to Perth and then to several exotic locations south of Perth. This is a part of the world that most people have not visited and know little about it. It should be a good final program.

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Eugene Garden Club, 1645 High St, Eugene
Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 7:30pm