Pollinator Primer: Your Tiny Neighbors and the Plants They Love--Program Meeting Dec. 14

We co-sponsor a program each December with Eugene Natural History Society. This year Bruce Newhouse will share information about pollinators that will help us nurture them.

Did you ever wonder about all those flying and crawling critters on your flowers? Do you know how to tell a bee from a fly? Do you know that some flies are good pollinators? Do you know how to plant a garden that will be the best possible place for pollinators?

If these kinds of questions go through your mind as you stare at your garden, this presentation is for you! We will familiarize ourselves with the most common native pollinators and learn a few simple tricks to tell them apart. We’ll also learn some of the best things you can do to invite native pollinators into your own yard, including which plants “rock the world” of the little creatures that run it.

FMI: Dean Walton: dpwalton@uoregon.edu

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100 Willamette Hall, UO Campus, Eugene
Friday, December 14, 2018 - 7:30pm