2018 Eugene Christmas Bird Count (ECBC) Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dick Lamster, 541.343.8664, maeveanddick@q.com

This year marks the 77th Eugene Christmas Bird Count (ECBC) and the 119th National Audubon Society (NAS) Christmas Bird Count. The ECBC this year will be on Sunday, December 30. Our 15-mile diameter count circle is centered in the Danebo area of Eugene and is divided into 27 areas. Each has a Team Leader who organizes and leads the group during the count day, and then submits the results to the ECBC Steering Committee.

Count Coordinator

Count Coordinator Dick Lamster will work with NAS on the administrative tasks of the count. He will also coordinate with the Team Leaders, handle publicity, co-write the post-count narrative, and assign new participants to teams. If you want to participate this year or change teams, call or email Dick. Otherwise, call your Team Leader from last year (although he or she might be calling you soon).

Birds Compiler

Vjera Thompson will be the Species Compiler again this year. She will accept bird checklists from Team Leaders at the end of the count, hopefully at the chili feed. After reviewing unusual bird sightings, she will submit the results to NAS. Vjera will also work with Dick to prepare the post-count narrative.

Home Counters

If you cannot participate on a count team, but would like to count birds that visit your yard, please contact Herb Wisner at 541-344-3634 or hrwisner@comcast.net. Herb will assist you in recording the birds you see, and he will add them to the official count. Before count day, he’ll send you a form to help you record birds. Then he’ll coordinate your sightings with the leader of the count area you live in so that birds are not reported twice, and submit your sightings to Vjera to be included in the official results. Please contact Herb by December 26 if you would like to be a Home Counter.

Chili Feed

All Team Leaders and field count participants are invited to gather after the count at the Eugene Garden Club at 1645 High Street for the traditional free chili feed. Allison Mickel, assisted by Sandy Poinsett and Kathy Wilson, will once again provide her homemade vegetarian chili for this fun ending to a day full of birding. In addition, this year the Cornbread Café will provide fresh, delicious cornbread for everyone to enjoy as we tally results and swap stories of the day’s sightings. The Garden Club’s door will open at 3:30 p.m., so you can warm up as soon as you finish your count. Chili service starts at 5:00 p.m. Lane County Audubon Society will furnish the chili, along with salad, dinner rolls, chips, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Please bring your own table service, including plate, bowl, cup, and silverware. Everyone attending should also bring a dessert to share. If you would like to drink something other than what we provide, bring that too. I really encourage you to join us for this delicious ending to a long day.

Last Year’s Results

Last year the weather was cold and foggy, but we still had 149 birders in the field and 76 Home Counters, for a total of 225 participants. The number of birders in the field was higher than the average for the past 10 years, but the number of Home Counters was about the same. The entire group identified 130 species on count day, and 7 more species were added during Count Week. Identifying 7 more species during Count Week was unusual. The total of 130 species is about average for the past 20 years. Our record, established in 2005, is 140 plus 2 more during count week.

We recorded 71,084 individual birds. This is a very low number for the past 20 years, but close to the number count the previous year. Our record for most individual birds is 129,874, seen in 2000. You can view results of last year’s ECBC, as well as all the other Christmas Bird Counts in North America, at www.christmasbirdcount.org. Our count code is OREU.

We hope you can join us for this year’s ECBC. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, December 30!

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Eugene area
Sunday, December 30, 2018 - 8:00am