Poems from the April 24th Program Meeting

List of poems read at Lane County Audubon Society Meeting “Poetry of the Natural World,” April 24, 2018 (Click for file download)

Anita Sullivan read:

“All Asleep” – excerpt from poem by 7th century BC Greek choral lyric poet Alkman 

“Clear Cut” - Anita Sullivan (from Garden of Beasts)

“As Tree” - Anita Sullivan (from And If The Dead Do Dream)

“Subjectivity” - Jorie Graham (only a fragment of this poem) (from Materialism)

“Song for the Deer and Myself to Return On” - Joy Harjo (from In Mad Love and War)

“The Salmon Had Moved Me” - Anita Sullivan 

“That They May Breathe” - Anita Sullivan

Ce Rosenow read:

By Basho:

“on a bare branch”


By Vincent Tripi:

“Wrapping me”

“Some in the song”

“Owl feather”

“As far as the sea sound”

“Mountain snow –”

By Ce Rosenow:

“the water’s surface”

“lake shore reeds –”

“my yard”

“morning drizzle”

“afternoon breeze”

“last rays of sunlight –”

“wooded path”

“rustling leaves”

“starry night:”

“waning moon”

“a bit of sea foam”

“we return”

“spring evening . . .”

“in this kiss”

“longing for something”

“still not speaking –”

“summer’s end—”

“knowing the tide’s change”


“icy wind”

“halcyon days”

“so many stars”




Alan Contreras read:

John Clare: unpub. poem with geese as letters in the sky (found in John Felstiner’s Can Poetry Save The Earth? A Field Guide to Nature Poems)

Ada Hastings Hedges: “Wild Geese” from Desert Poems (1930)

Stanley Kunitz: “End of Summer”

R. W. Emerson: ‘Sparrow Brought Home’ segment from “Each and All”

Loren Eiseley: portion of “Judgment of the Birds” essay from The Immense Journey

John Noland (Coos Bay): “An Apprentice of Sparrows”

Lawrence Ferlinghetti: “Reading Apollinaire on the Bank of the Rogue River” from Ecolog Northwest

Quinton Hallett (Noti): “Salt Creek Falls” from Mrs. Schröedinger’s Breast

Alan Contreras: “Alden’s Passage” from Firewand

Gabriela Mistral: Four translations of the “seaweed” lines from “The Foreigner.”  Translations by Ursula K. Le Guin, Langston Hughes, Maria Giachetti, Doris Dana

Alan Contreras: “Ivorybillfrom Firewand


Event Type: 
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 7:30pm