Tuesday, November 28 Program Meeting: Birding the Border Country: Lake, Harney, Washoe & Humboldt Counties

Among the most remote regions in the western United States, northwestern Nevada and adjacent southeastern Oregon (the border country) offer outstanding and largely unheralded birding opportunities. Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge is a familiar hotspot to many Oregon birders, but nearby Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada is nearly twice as large and offers outstanding birding prospects as well. And the lands along the edges of Sheldon—on and near the Oregon/Nevada border—expand the opportunities even further for people who love wild lands and wildlife.

Within this vast desert landscape, little-known gorges echo with the call of Canyon Wrens, Greater Sage-Grouse swarm to hidden water holes, lacustrine marshes erupt with a cacophony of myriad water birds, Sage Thrashers sing ebulliently throughout broad scrubland basins, and Common Poorwills roost unobtrusively amid jumbled boulders and the rugged rimrock-topped slopes guarding vast high-elevation plateaus.

John Shewey is a longtime freelance writer and photographer who has spent decades exploring the border country. He’s left boot prints in places few people tread, changed flat tires on roads better walked than driven, and rejoiced in finding remote locations teeming with birds.

Run the very real risk of catching John’s infectious enthusiasm by joining him for this presentation celebrating the diversity of the Northern Great Basin. He’ll offer tips on where, when, and how to explore this remarkable region.

John teamed up with Tim Blount to coauthor Birds of the Pacific Northwest. Tim has been an institution in Oregon birding for many years, serving on the Oregon Birds Records Committee and working as the director of Friends of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. A few years ago, Tim set a Harney County big year record with 253 species. He has birded every corner of the state. The photographic field guide John and Tim produced—Birds of the Pacific Northwest—was released in spring 2017 by Portland’s Timber Press. The book has been widely lauded for its vast store of approachable information, outstanding photography, and superb production values.



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Eugene Garden Club, 1645 High St
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 7:30pm