Rachel Carson Award Winners

Our LCAS president, Maeve Sowles, and our conservation chair, Debbie Schlenoff, along with Louise Shimmel of Cascades Raptor Center, are soon to be honored for receiving the Rachel Carson Award. This award highlights efforts to reduce and eliminate pesticides in ways that protect community and environmental health.

The three women worked as a team and partnered with NCAP, publishing an op-ed piece about Rozol and other rodenticides.

They shared that using rodenticides for home, farm, or forest management does not justify the danger to our pets; the harm done to raptors, native fish, and other wildlife; or the long-term risk to our valued waterways and ecosystems. They helped inform the public and policy makers about alternatives and pushed for policy change.

They will be honored at NCAP’s 40th Anniversary/Healthy Harvest Celebration October 7, at the Vet’s Club. See the community calendar for details. To buy tickets: pesticide